Sunday, September 10, 2017

Applications, Literary Terms, Blogs and Prehistory (Sept. 11-15)

Journalism 120
The students will complete their presentations in response to the articles they selected that discuss how journalism is changing in the 21st century. Each student will complete a letter of application for various positions (Yearbook, The Talon, pod-casting, video announcements, school media contacts, etc). The letter is to be completed and submitted by Wednesday or Thursday. Students will also create their journalism blogs and, if time permits, they will complete their first blog assignment. Student blogs and assignments can be viewed here.

English 123
The students will do a final review of the literary terms that they should have a working knowledge of throughout their high school studies. They will go over the literary term quiz they completed last week. The students will also begin their study of The Americans are Coming by Herb Curtis.

Broad-Based Technology 10
This week the students will create a blog on Blogger, using either a new or existing Google account. They also will verify that their student emails are working. The students will spend some time getting familiar with their blogs and also looking at other applications that are available through Google Drive. Online activities for this class are available at the Broad Based Technology 10 course blog.

History 10
Students will continue their study of prehistory this week. They will discuss interpretation and speculation in history and they will also create notes on some key terms they need to know. The students will spend some time looking at the Theory of Evolution and they will start viewing National Geographic's Search for the Ultimate Survivor, The Mystery of Us. Students will have discussions and note taking activities during the documentary.