Sunday, September 17, 2017

Ethics, Novel Study, The Stone Age and Online Collaboration (Sept. 18-22)

Journalism 120
On Monday the students will complete the activities for exploring ethics in Journalism and also make suggestions for the class's code of ethics. The students will receive their job responsibilities (Yearbook, The Blackville Talon, pod-casting, video announcements, etc). The students will have the rest of the week to get familiar with their job roles and start their first job assignments. Student blogs and some of the assignments can be viewed here.

English 123
The students will continue with their novel study of The Americans Are Coming. They will read and respond to chapters four, five and six. The students will work on chapter questions, reflections and engage in class discussions. The students will also complete vocabulary activities.

BBT 10
The documentary the students started watching will be finished on Monday. The students will then start their response assignment based on the documentary. The students will use Google Slides to complete this assignment so they can explore the features and also participate in online collaboration and feedback. The students will then explore the different units for this course and begin their first unit of study. Links to the student blogs, assignments and the units can be viewed here.

History 10
The students will continue their work on the Stone Age poster projects on Monday and Tuesday. Students are reminded to continue reviewing their notes as the the test for this unit study will be either Thursday or Friday. The class review for the test will be completed the day before the test is written (Wednesday or Thursday).