Sunday, September 24, 2017

Job Assignments, Vocabulary, Digital Citizenship and Mesopotamia (Sept. 25-29)

Journalism 120
On Monday the students will have the class to do a blog response to the assignment "Starting with the Basics." The students will have the rest of the week to focus primarily on preparing and starting their job assignments from yearbook, The Blackville Talon, morning announcements, pod-casting, etc. Student blogs and most of the assignments can be viewed here.

English 123
The class will complete the vocabulary exercise on Monday. The vocabulary quiz will be on Tuesday. The students will continue with their novel study, of The Americans Are Coming and complete chapters seven, eight and nine.

BBT 10
The students will continue work on the Digital Citizenship Unit this week. Students will be primarily responding to topics around digital rights and responsibilities, digital etiquette and digital wellness. All of the units are available online along with links to the student blogs at the BBT 10 course blog.

History 10
On Monday, the class will conclude the unit with the documentary Before the Dinosaurs: Walking with Monsters. The students will then start their study of Mesopotamia with some introductory activities on Tuesday and Wednesday. In small teams, the students will then do research on a topic and complete a presentation that they will share with the rest of the class. The presentations will most likely begin next week.