Sunday, October 22, 2017

Hard News Vs. Soft News, Story Elements, Photo Editing and Egypt's New Kingdom (Oct. 23-27)

Journalism 120
Students are reminded to have last week's class assignment "What is Newsworthy" posted to their blogs by the end of the class this Monday. The students will have Monday to start the new class assignment "Soft News Versus Hard News." It is due next Monday, October 30.  Students will continue or start the new job assignments on Tuesday and are expected to complete them by the end of the week. Student blogs and the course assignments can be viewed here and many of their job assignments are posted on The Blackville Talon

English 123
For most of the week the students will take a break from the novel study to complete some viewing activities. The students will apply their knowledge and do a review of story elements by identifying different elements in the viewing activities. If time permits, the students will complete chapter 15 of the novel, The Americans are Coming

BBT 10
The students will continue either the first or second unit of study.  Students are reminded to complete the first unit, Digital Citizenship, this week.  Students working on the Communication and Multimedia unit (photography) will be doing photo editing activities this week. The units and links to the student blogs can be viewed here.

History 10
The class will continue their study on Ancient Egypt. The students will finish their study on the new kingdom and will complete their viewing of PBS's documentary, Egypt's Golden Empire. They will take notes during the documentary and break into groups to determine which information they feel is the most important. The students will also look at religion and the afterlife in Ancient Egypt. Students are reminded to review their notes for homework in preparation for the unit test.