Sunday, October 01, 2017

Job Assignments, Research, Digital Wellness and Presentations (Oct. 2-6)

Journalism 120
This week the students will continue their job assignments for the yearbook, The Blackville Talon, podcasting, etc. Because the students did a class assignment on Friday, they will have Monday to complete last week's blog assignment. There will be no new assignment this week. Student blogs and some of the course assignments can be viewed here.

English 123The students will continue their novel study this week. They will complete chapter eight on Monday. After chapter eight, students can work in pairs or on their own to complete a response assignment for the first half of the novel. Students will also be required to pass in their novel study portfolios to assess their progress and the completion of their work thus far. 

BBT 10
This week the students will continue work on the Digital Citizenship Unit. The activities on Digital Etiquette, Digital Wellness and Digital Business should be completed this week. Students are reminded to keep an eye on the countdown clock to the deadline for the first unit that is on the BBT 10 blog. Student blogs and the assignments can be viewed here.

History 10
The students will continue their study of Mesopotamia. In small teams, the students will do research on a topic and complete a presentation that they will share with the rest of the class. The presentations will begin later this week. Students are reminded that these presentations will make up a good portion of the evaluation for this unit and the unit test.