Monday, October 09, 2017

News Stories, Portfolios, Digital Awareness and Unit Test (Oct. 10-13)

Journalism 120
Students will be introduced to their new class assignment "Writing the News Story" on Tuesday. The deadline for this assignment is next Monday, October 16. Students will start their new job assignments on Wednesday and are expected to complete them by the end of the week. Students who have not yet completed the class assignment "Starting with the Basics" are reminded to do so as soon as possible. Student blogs and the class assignments can be viewed here.

English 123
The students will complete their response assignment for the first half of the novel on Monday. Students are also to organize and make sure all their work is completed for the novel study portfolios. The portfolios will be assessed for the first half of the novel study. The students will continue their novel study of The Americans are Coming. This week the students will read, discuss and complete response activities to chapters nine, ten and eleven.

BBT 10
This week the students will continue work on their first unit, Digital Citizenship.  Students are reminded that they should be finishing up this unit by the end of this week or by the first of next week. Students will complete Digital Literacy and Digital Awareness assignments. Student blogs and some of the assignments can be viewed here.

History 10
On Tuesday the class will view a documentary related to their study of Mesopotamia as well as the pre-history unit. On Wednesday, the students will complete a review for their test and the test will be on Thursday. The students will view another documentary on Friday and will complete a response to the documentary that will make up part of their class mark for their study of Ancient Mesopotamia.