Sunday, November 05, 2017

Reflection, Novel Covers, Research and Final Challenge (Nov. 06-09)

Please Note: There are no classes this Friday due to Professional Learning and no classes next Monday due to the holiday for Remembrance Day. 

Journalism 120
On Monday the students will work on the new assignment that involves a reflection on their work assignments and class participation. Working in their teams, the students will consider what they would like to do to enhance their work assignments and create a goal to that end. The students will continue or start new work assignments on Tuesday and are expected to complete them by Thursday. Student blogs and most of the course assignments can be viewed here and many of their work assignments are posted on The Blackville Talon

English 123
Any students who still have to complete chapters and chapter activities for The Americans are Coming are expected to complete them this week. Once completed, students can work on the post-reading activity, creating a new cover for the novel. Students are reminded they will will have a review for the novel study test next week, and the test will be next week as well.

History 10
This week the students will work in pairs (or individually) to complete a research assignment on Ancient Egypt. They will select an issue or topic about Ancient Egypt that we did not study or only looked at briefly. Students will be expected to complete the assignment by the end of the week. For more details on the assignment, click here 

BBT 10
The students should be finishing up their second unit this week, the Communication and Multimedia Unit (Photography). The final challenge requires students to apply their knowledge of camera techniques and their photo editing skills. Student blogs and most of the assignments can be viewed here.