Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Interview, Response Assignment, Concert Budgets and Troy (Nov. 20-23)

Please note: There is no school for students this Friday due to parent-teacher in the morning and teacher professional learning in the afternoon. 

Journalism 120
On Monday the students will spend some time looking at the interview process. They will listen to the 1975 radio interview that CBC As It Happens' host Barbara Frum had with Charles Manson follower Sandra Good. The students will have a class discussion about the interview. Students will then have the rest of the week to work on their job assignments. Student blogs and some of the course assignments can be viewed here and many of their job assignments are posted on The Blackville Talon

English 123
The students will have Monday to finish any work that needs to be completed for the novel study, particularly the novel cover activity.  On Tuesday and Wednesday the students will watch David Adams Richards' film, Small Gifts. The students will take notes on how the film has similarities and differences to Herb Curtis' novel The Americans are Coming. They will then work on a response assignment exploring the differences and similarities between the two works.

BBT 10
Most of the students are continuing their work on the third unit, Business and Enterprise (Concert Planning). Many of the students are working on the concert budget and then will start looking at different areas of marketing, including social media, posters and a website. The student blogs and the units can be viewed here.

History 10
On Monday the students will finish their study notes on the early Minoan and Mycenaean periods. The students will view the film, Troyfollowed by a discussion on the film and what they studied in class. The students will then view the documentary, The True Story of Troyfollowed by an additional class discussion.