Monday, November 13, 2017

Work Assignments, Novel Study Test, Concert Planning and the Minoans (Nov. 14-17)

Journalism 120
On Tuesday, the students will revisit their reflections on their class participation as well as the plan of action and goals created in their teams. During the week, the students will meet with the teacher to discuss their class participation and teamwork to determine their mark for this part of the course. The students will have the rest of the week to complete their work assignments. Student blogs and most of the course assignments can be viewed here and many of their work assignments are posted on The Blackville Talon

English 123
The students will have a review for the novel study test on The Americans are Coming, and they will also start work on their final activities for the novel study unit. The novel study test will be either this Wednesday or Thursday.  Students are reminded to make sure they have completed all their chapters along with the questions and activities.

BBT 10
Most of the students are starting or have started the third unit of study. This is the Business and Communication Unit. Students will be using three different applications for this unit as they plan a concert (Google Drive, TinkerCad and Canva). Student blogs and most of the assignments can be viewed here.

History 10
The students will start their study of Ancient Greece this week. They will first look at the geography of Ancient Greece. Working in small groups, the students will then spend some time reading and creating notes on different topics related to the early Minoan and Mycenaean periods.