Sunday, December 17, 2017

Work Assignments, Film Adaptation, Automobile Design and The Punic Wars (Dec. 18-22)

Journalism 120
The students will have time to finish any incomplete class assignments, and make sure they have their work posted to their course blogs. Any incomplete blog assignments have to be posted by this Thursday, December 21. Students will also complete an work assignments. Student blogs and some of the class assignments can be viewed here and many of their work assignments are posted on The Blackville Talon

English 123
On Monday and Tuesday the students will complete their graphic novel study on The War of the Worlds. The students will also view the 2005 film adaptation of The War of the WorldsStudents are reminded to finish any incomplete work by Thursday, December 21. 

BBT 10
The students will continue their fourth unit this week (Automotive Technology). Students should try to finish the unit looking at automobile design and completing a research assignment. Student course blogs and the different units can be viewed here.

History 10
The students will start their study of Ancient Rome this week. The students will first get familiar with the geography of the Italian Peninsula. They will study the rise of the Roman Republic and the Punic Wars.
Happy Holidays!