Sunday, January 07, 2018

PSAs, Short Stories, Coding and The Roman Empire (Jan. 08-12)

Journalism 120
The students will start work on their final assignment for the course this week. Since there is no final exam in the course, the final assignment will hold the same evaluation weight as a final exam. The students will first get in teams of three or four and create team norms and review the team roles and responsibilities. The teams will then spend some time researching different commercials and public service announcements they feel are effective as they prepare to create their own public service announcement. Student course blogs and details on the final assignment can be viewed here.

English 123
This week the students will begin a short story study. The students will read two short stories, "The Fun They Had" and "Just Once." They will discuss the stories and also complete response activities. The students are reminded that they have a final exam in this course. An exam review will be held next week.

BBT 10
The students should be finishing up the fourth unit "Automotive Technology." Students who have completed or finished the fourth unit this week, are working or should start working on the fifth and final unit, Computer Science Fundamentals (Coding). Student course blogs and most of the assignments can be viewed here.

History 10
The students will continue their study of Ancient Rome this week. This week they will look at the decline of the Roman Republic and rise of the Roman Empire. Students are reminded they have a final exam in this course. An exam review will be held at the end of next week.