Sunday, February 11, 2018

Copyright, Media Literacy Concepts, Hominids and Online Collaboration (Feb. 12-16)

Digital Production 120
This week the students will continue to review copyright, fair dealing, public domain, and creative commons. The students will watch short videos on the topics as well as complete blog responses. The class will also start introductory activities for the digital imaging unit  Links to the student blogs and most of the assignment will be made available at the course blog.

Media Studies 120
This week the students will be exploring media literacy concepts. Working in pairs, the students will select a media literacy concept, explore it and then present their findings to the class. Links to the student blogs and most of the assignments will be made available at the course blog.

History 10
The students will spend some time looking at the Theory of Evolution, and they will view National Geographic's Search for the Ultimate Survivor, The Mystery of Us. Students will have discussions and note taking activities as they consider the different early hominids that are explored in the documentary. If time permits, the students will begin a group project on the Stone Age.

BBT 10
During the beginning of the week, the class will complete a response assignment based on a documentary they watched that explored the progress of technology over the past few decades. The students will use Google Drive to complete this assignment so they can explore the features and participate in online collaboration and feedback. The students will then explore the different units for this course and begin their first unit of study. Student blogs and most of the assignments can be viewed here.