Sunday, February 04, 2018

Media Literacy, Computer Usage Policies and Speculation (Feb. 5-9)

Media Studies 120
The class will  discuss what is meant by media literacy and read and discuss key media literacy concepts. The students will complete a blog assignment on media literacy and reply to other student blog entries on Tuesday and Wednesday. The remainder of the week will be spent exploring media literacy concepts. Working in pairs the students will select a media literacy concept, explore it and then present their findings to the class. Links to the student blogs and most of the assignments will be made available at the course blog.

Digital Production 120
The students will first complete a presentation about the computer usage policy. When designing their presentation, the students will consider some layout and design principles and are expected to apply them in their own presentations. Students will also create a blog that will act as an online portfolio for their work. The class will review copyright, public domain, fair dealing and creative commons. Links to the student blogs and most of the assignment will be made available at the course blog.

BBT 10
This week students will start by looking at the computer usage policy and consider some of the ethical dilemmas that can occur around the use of technology in an educational setting. The students will also create a blog on Blogger, using either a new or existing Google account. The students will spend some time getting familiar with their blogs and also looking at other applications that are available through Google Drive. Online activities for this class are available at the Broad Based Technology 10 course blog.

History 10
The students will start their study of pre-history looking at how historians use interpretation and speculation based on the evidence we have from the time period before written records. The students will also read about and discuss the theory of evolution and the story of creation. They will then start viewing National Geographic's Search for the Ultimate Survivor, The Mystery of Us. Students will have discussions and note taking activities during the documentary.