Sunday, March 25, 2018

Peer Assessments, Web Design, History Test and Coding (March 26-29)

Please note: There are no classes this Wednesday, March 28, due to a professional learning day for teachers. 

Media Studies 120
The students will view the videos they created this week and complete peer assessments and class discussions. If time permits, the students will spend more time studying and discussing camera techniques and themes through a film analysis. Links to the student blogs and some of the assignments can be viewed at the course blog.

Digital Production 120
Some students have to complete the magazine cover assignment, and they should do that as soon as possible. This week the class will begin a unit on web design. The class will first take some time looking at basic elements in web design and also careers in web design. The students will also gain a basic understanding of HTML code (Hyper Text Markup Language). Links to the student blogs and the assignments can be viewed at the course blog.

BBT 10
Almost all of the students are now on the second unit and a few are starting their third unit. Most students are working on the Coding Unit for their second unit. Students who have started the third unit are completing the Business and Communication Unit (concert planning). Student course blogs and the units can be viewed here.

History 10
The students will have a review for their test on Ancient Mesopotamia on Monday. The test will be this Tuesday. The students will begin their study of Ancient Egypt on Thursday with some introductory activities and then look at the pre-dynastic period.