Sunday, March 11, 2018

Video Production, Layout Design, Digital Awareness and The Epic of Gilgamesh (March 12-16)

Media Studies 120
This week the students will finish reviewing material on video conventions and techniques. The class will get into pairs (or work own their own, if preferred) to begin their assignment where they will do further exploration on some of these video conventions and techniques. They will do some planning and storyboarding in preparation to create their own videos. Links to the student blogs and most of the assignments can be viewed at the course blog.

Digital Production 120
Any students who have not yet completed the assignment on photography composition techniques should do so as soon as possible. This week the students will finish the assignment on design principles and also apply their knowledge of the design principles to a professional design layout. If time permits, the students will then start planning their own design layout. The student blogs and many of the assignments can be viewed at the course blog.

BBT 10
The students will continue work on the first unit, Digital Citizenship. Students are reminded that they have about one week before they should have this unit completed. Student course blogs and the assignments can be viewed here.

History 10
The students will continue their study of Ancient Mesopotamia this week. Working in groups, the students will complete research assignments on different topics related to Mesopotamia (topics include the Epic of Gilgamesh, Sumerian inventions, civilizations such as Sumer and Assyria, etc.) Students are reminded to have all the material ready to present, as well as a note sheet for their peers.