Sunday, April 29, 2018

Sexualization in Media, Sound Effects, Promotional Posters and Mycenaeans (April 30 - May 02)

Please note: There are no classes this Thursday and Friday (May 03 and 04) due to the Teachers' Annual General Meeting and Subject Council Day. 

Media Studies 120
The students will continue their study on gender codes and sexualization in media.  The students will explore different issues through documentaries and class discussions. Links to the student blogs and any online assignments can be viewed at the course blog.

Digital Production 120
The class will continue with the Digital Audio Unit. This week the students will take a look at sound effects. Any students who have yet to complete their website for the previous unit are urged to do as soon as possible. The student blogs and the assignments can be viewed at the course blog.

BBT 10
All of the students are on their third unit and are reminded that the completion deadline for the unit is fast approaching. For the third unit, most students are completing the Automotive Technology Unit or the Business and Enterprise Unit (Event Planning). Links to the student blogs and more details on the assignments can be viewed here.

History 10
The class will start their study of Ancient Greece this week. The students will first look at the geography of Ancient Greece. Working in small groups, the students will then spend some time reading and creating notes on different topics related to Minoan and Mycenaeans periods.