Sunday, May 13, 2018

Stereotypes, Soundscapes, Camera Techniques and Greek Dark Age (May 14-18)

Media Studies 120
This week the students will continue with their study on stereotypes as well as how issues of racism and xenophobia are discussed through media, particularly the notion of "the other" in film. The students will have class discussions this week in response to what they view and read. Links to the student blogs and some of the assignments can be viewed at the course blog.

Digital Production 120
The students will continue the Digital Audio Unit this week. Some students will finish their study on sound effects and some are working on the final assignment, creating a Soundscape. Links to the student blogs and the assignments can be viewed at the course blog.

BBT 10
The students are working on the fourth unit. Most students are working on Business and Enterprise (event planning), Automotive Technology or Communication and Multimedia (photography). Links to the student blogs and the assignments can be viewed here.

History 10
The class will study the Greek Dark Age and then the rise of the city-states and colonization. The students will also start their study of the Greco-Persian Wars. If time permits, the students will view the documentary Last Stand of the 300.